Mobb Deep Shook ones Part 2 - 7"



“Shook Ones Part II” might be one of the biggest records to come out of New York inthe mid 90’s. From the moment you hear the bare hi-hat and the infamous line “to allthe killers and the hundred dollar billas” it is an immediate adrenaline rush. The beatalone is a work of art, Havoc constructed what would go on for years as “how did heactually come up with that beat?!” amongst DJ’s and Producers alike. The infectiouspiano, cinematic sirens, it was no doubt that it was one of (famed New York nightclub)The Tunnel’s most signature records. As Cipha Sounds put it - “How could it not ripin The Tunnel? Just classic. 'Shook Ones Part I' was actually pretty big in the Tunnel,but ‘Part II' ripped everything." When “Shook Ones Part II” came you couldn’t helpbut nod your head and get lost in Havoc and Prodigy trading verses breaking downthe meaning of a crook…making you shook son. Not to be left out “Shook Ones Part1” is on the flipside that came out months earlier with a much more subdued beat andslightly different lyrics. Most 12” aren’t built like this, so to be on 7” for the first timeever this is a must have….son.