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As many of you will have noticed we have recently begun stocking records, with the intention of growing this side of the store over the next few months. Minerva has a very close relationship with our local music scene and we personally are music fanatics, so to be able to be one of the few stores in our home city to sell new and old records is special to us.

We have carefully curated a hand picked selection of House/Disco/Techno/Hip-Hop/Acid/Reggae/Soul as we aim to reflect our own musical interests and will continue to add to our selection regularly. Also we buy second hand collections and have a range of second hand bits available to buy. If you have any requests about upcoming releases please get in touch and we will do our best to order them in for you.

Every Friday our vinyl specialist and local DJ Simon Scullion is in store and dealing with all things vinyl so pop in and say hello and give him your requests, or just come in to chat about music! Expect to see some late nights dedicated to vinyl over the next month or so as well as a regular stocklist mailouts and pre order forms sent directly to you. Typically we will be running some parties along with this so keep an eye out for them!

In the meantime all of our vinyl is available to buy both in store and on our website;


It's set to be a great year for music...!