J-Deep, Mallard - INTLBLK003



In the words of head honcho Bradley Zero, Rhythm Section International sub label International Black is "heads down, arms up.. for your mind, your body and your soul. For late nights and early mornings and the sound when the lights go off." On to its third release now, Side A is courtesy of Mallard - a 19 year old jazz student who made a big splash with his debut EP for the parent label not long ago. His track "Common Era" is dreamy and hypnotic slo-mo house with soothing bell tones and dusty rhythms reminiscent of early Dial Records. On the flip is the swing fuelled old school house of "Low Rise" by Mallard and associate 'LT' on their collaboration known as J.Deep. They get right into the groove, with an almost garage styled rattle and stomp and those classic MK style chime-like keys.