• Minerva x thumbs - 'WUNIVERSE' series

Minerva x thumbs - 'WUNIVERSE' series

Minerva x thumbs - 'WUNIVERSE' series


So we have stocked and followed Thumbs for over 3 years now. Nick is hands down one of the most forward thinking artists that we have come across in our time and we are stoked to be working with him on a super exciting series of collaboration designs.

The first drop WUNIVERSE has combined one of our favourite Marvel Character’s and quite possibly the greatest Hip Hop crew ever assembled in the Wu Tang-Clan for a dream team coming together. T-shirts and Pins will be available to pre-order from tonight which will include exclusive print for FREE. All of the WUNIVERSE drop will be super limited, so don’t hang about on one of our favourite link ups to date. Thumbs will be doing a super tight run of numbered prints which you can get on the website - https://thumbsdesign.co.uk