In 1977, after many long years being kept a close secret, Saucony men’s shoes and Saucony women’s shoes were recognized by a small group of serious runners and received an award given by a US magazine. Years of innovation and technical enhancements have allowed Saucony shoes and Saucony clothes to garner a reputation for high quality. Yet Saucony men’s and women’s shoes expand well beyond their running heritage. Saucony Originals take you where you are headed without forgetting where you came from.

Four years later, the Saucony Jazz O was launched and today is the most beloved of all Saucony Originals and lays the foundation for the Saucony men’s and Saucony women’s Originals collection.

As Saucony running shoes move forward and continue to be depended upon for their leading technical advancements, there is a renewed dedication to the retro fashion category that is Saucony men’s Originals and Saucony women’s Originals. The Jazz O is the centerpiece but it is flanked by classic Saucony shoes from the Courageous to the Shadow 6000 that together have played a significant role in the history of Saucony men’s Originals and Saucony women’s Originals. Experimenting with colors, textures and materials yields new looks and choices but Saucony Originals’ lines remain classic.

Saucony men’s Originals and Saucony women’s Originals are for those of us who don’t want the same shoe everyone else has.

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