Words from Dancer,

Dancer is a Copenhagen based brand founded by Hjalte Halberg, Kevin Walter and Anton Juul.

After working in the clothing industry for many years, the innate wish to make and produce clothing in another way was born. We aim to bring back what we believe has suffered neglect in the broader industry, focussing on responsible quality both in product and the way we think about and do our business.

For our clothing line Dancer focuses on organic and recycled fabrics, but we want to stay curious and creative and as a result of this keep an open mind about what defines us as a brand. But a particular longterm goal is to make it into a cooperation business. We want to get people involved and share our vision.

We are influenced and inspired by the ’free-thinking’ we grew up with, the rebellious nature of skateboarding, the chaotic world around us and our lovely friends and family.